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Sitting on the spring fed, Santa Fe River, in North Central Florida, the warm air, majestic river views and singing mocking birds will mesmerize you into vacation bliss.


RV, camping, kayak, fish, get a good tan, whatever your flavor, its here because you are on DAY-CATION when you are at Ellie Ray's, somewhere.......on the Santa Fe River! For the Sturgeon family, originally from the Pacific Northwest, all it took was one look at Ellie Ray's crystal spring water, blue skies and pristine grounds to want to be a part of it.


Our promise is to make every decision, on the grounds, that if it doesn't enrich the culture and community, then it's not a priority.


The next four years will bring big changes that will supplement the environment at Ellie Ray's, the first being adding the pool! 


We understand how the rat race can get you down, wear you out and take no prisoners. Our family's NUMBER ONE RULE is always to HAVE FUN!


Here at Ellie Ray's, we want to share the moments in which you come and let your hair down, get too much sun, laugh too hard and get caught boogying to your favorite song. We look forward to meeting you and sharing the good moments in life!


- Sturgeon Family 

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